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Every Gaelweb built website comes with a set of absolute, no-nonsense, no-quibble, set-in-concrete guarantees.

Universally Accessible Websites

We guarantee that the information on any Gaelweb built website will be readable by every visitor - that's every visitor - regardless of what device or browser they use, whether or not they have visual or motor disabilities or how they have their settings configured. Read more ...

Custom Built Websites

At Gaelweb we do not use templates. We believe that best practise in web design is to build your site from the ground up exactly to suit the unique requirements of your content.

Handcrafted Websites

All pages on Gaelweb websites are coded by hand.

Standards Compliant Websites

All pages on Gaelweb websites are built and validated to comply with the W3C standards. You will not find anywhere on any Gaelweb site any message saying "In order to view this page you must be using ..."

Search Engine Optimisation

Ignore people who talk about loading keywords and other scams to increase your search engine ranking. There is only one method which works, and that's why Gaelweb use it. Read more ...